YAHOO to enter the mobile market where the odds

Wide application of new technologies in

mobile communication, the mobile communication data transmission speed faster and faster, more and more business, more rich and colorful, the mobile phone is becoming a universal terminal set telephone, notebook computer and multimedia in a. Also because of its users, each participant can see this huge business opportunities, fierce competition, so YAHOO now choose to enter the mobile market, where the odds of


step 1: to enhance real-time business

from the first news earlier this month, YAHOO acquired video chat startup OnTheAir, let OnTheAir team joined YAHOO mobile business group. Although the team has only 5 people, I think since YAHOO can think of it, it is necessary to have the OnTheAir team YAHOO needs technology, and YAHOO itself does not have. OnTheAir’s products have Internet users for real-time video conversation, I think YAHOO is certainly want this type of product, the use of mobile business. Although this function has been used in some countries, most areas are still relatively short of such technologies. Now with this application, to add weight to YAHOO.

also in October of this year, YAHOO acquired the New York mobile startups Stamped, which is a development to share information about the favorite restaurant and music in smart phones company. Now look at the sing, YYKTV, micro-blog, YAHOO is booming, with the tide, also added these elements to increase their business aspect, let users expect YAHOO will develop an interactive platform to share their own type.

step two: simplify home element


YAHOO home page

According to

news that YAHOO homepage will integrate Metro and waterfalls flow layout, the new version of the YAHOO home page will be integrated into the Metro, Flipboard and cascade design elements, widely used in touch screen magnetic stickers style will bring a different experience for the entire page. At the same time, more features will be used to simplify the logo, reduce text links to increase more social and personalized elements. This gives the user a more dominant advantage on the mobile platform. When users use the mobile phone, although the mobile phone can be used with the same computer, but no computer or mobile phone screen, large screen, open the home page of the site is not clear, YAHOO this change, is convenient for the user, the user can also draw a.

step three: upgrade email service

YAHOO has upgraded its e-mail service, but also to attract mobile users. After the upgrade e-mail service to respond faster, whether it is on the Internet, or through smart phones and tablet PCs access, users can easily navigate. Today, mobile devices everywhere, YAHOO e-mail also has a unified interface and experience, YAHOO >

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