From the existing domain name to the site name creativity

some time ago, a friend gave me a domain name, just give me the domain name, I am happy for a while. Also think it is a good domain name, careful analysis of the domain name, the domain name can be divided into two parts. The first part of the OK, explained in English, can explain a "yes" or "good" means; after a part of Jiankang, is the "health" of the Chinese spelling words. If the combination of the two can be understood as "a healthy and healthy life". So use this domain name to do a healthy website is very appropriate.

but then I’m not happy, we know a good web site name, the development of the site is crucial. I want to set up a Chinese website, domain name in English (OK) + Chinese (Jiankang), regardless of its Chinese name or English name is not appropriate. Ever wanted not to use OK health network". It would, if so, come visit my site to a friend brought a lot of inconvenience, because also involves the conversion of the input method, remember a webmaster friends experienced once told me "the user is supreme, they prefer to walk every step of the way, a link may lose a lot of traffic!". Thought of here, my heart feel uncomfortable, we generally have a prior Chinese name in the application domain, but now I am the opposite, in the network has not search related problems, it seems that all can only rely on their own to solve.

is when I feel confused, a friend gave me a tip, with all the Chinese, used to solve the OK problem. OK is a homonym for Europe (pinyin: kè K can I radicals: inch, outer strokes: 7 total strokes: 10 Kangxi Dictionary: "zhengzitong" with G. So you use the health network. There is a problem is that the use of the search method is now a lot of people, if the direct entry of OK in its phonetic column will appear "Ou Ke", as shown in figure.

this input and save a step. This "g health network" was formally named!


this process does not seem complicated, but the purpose of writing is to tell you a few

first, the domain name of the site must be closely linked with the name of the site. The combination of benefits is to allow customers from either the domain name or network name can easily find our website, which is beneficial to improve the flow of our website.

Provide a way to use the existing domain name

second and switch to other website owners. Because we have made in the application domain name, domain name and domain name after the switch will appear out of touch, we make full use of our wisdom, we can only do one website, can the website name cleverly linked.

third, and then to the site from a Chinese name, it is necessary to take full account of the user to find the site is convenient. >

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