Talking about the introduction of e commerce

1, customer centered marketing strategy process

satisfaction = outcome expectation. Obviously to achieve customer satisfaction, it is necessary to make the customer perception of the effect is greater than his expectations. From the customer relationship management to the customer management relationship change, with business people as the main body, based on trust and relationship, with interest and professional as the link, is committed to creating an open, interactive business community. Convergence business intelligence, open up unlimited business opportunities to provide a good platform. It is the first to lock the mainstream business people online community, covering the most popular business segments and topics for the majority of business people to provide the latest and most timely business information. As a professional, timely interactive business information platform, not only to help business people in depth, a comprehensive understanding of the latest changes in the global economy, but also provides a keen authority of investment information and simple and practical financial skills. In order to stimulate users to create opportunities to tap the market potential, financial business. It is an effective tool for self promotion. Through interviews, blogs and other forms of business elite and invited industry experts talk about the success of the road, sharing business intelligence. Enterprises through the establishment of their own unique, such as the care of the customer, the ability to implement unparalleled, etc., to establish a profit barrier, improve the threshold of entry into the industry, so as to ensure that the source of profits from infringement.

2, full business services, one-stop integration – service convenience

completely changed the network ecological chain, through individual and enterprise cross platform, cross layer marketing bottleneck to achieve downstream users, free trade Wheelchair Access (blue ocean venture). Adopt a "pragmatic and innovative" development model to help customers increase sales revenue and profitability, in the creation of the same sales revenue and profitability, to help customers save money and time. The most important is the WEB technology platform, provides a unified entrance for the user information, the realization of personal and corporate social value of mining, through the integration platform so that users can enjoy high-quality business services, the traditional industry and e-commerce transformation polymerization". Relying on the portal to provide customers with service requirements, product purchase channel, and personalized services for users by the number of offline channels, such as customer service, channel, pre-sales, customer service, customer value mining, flow and efficiency at the same time with the optimization of the power of the Internet under the line service. In the product sales and sales support and other professional services to do enough time online and offline integration services. The new social business interactive experience, online information intelligent aggregation, precision marketing, line integration of personalized one-stop service products to achieve value-added services, and promote the development of the industry. Users as "× ×" as their business center.

3, to provide personalized e-commerce, optimize information integration.

social business search "× ×" lay the foundation of e-commerce, "× ×" the community has become the cornerstone, "× ×" e-commerce platform to solve the transaction. Search plus >

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