Liu Qiangdong explain Marketing electricity supplier winter income is far more than the cost of sign


technology news July 5th morning news, in the e-commerce market in a time of prosperity, the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong dished out a winter: at the end of this year, the first half of next year, e-commerce winter will come, but this winter in advance for nearly a year to come, but judge this winter is the basis of many company’s marketing cost has far exceeded sales.

Jingdong mall in March this year, the financing process, it has begun to encounter the topic of e-commerce bubble burst. Liu Qiangdong then told investors his judgment: the end of the bubble will be broken e-commerce, the second half of next year will be very difficult, many companies will be a problem.

"now I believe that many people have already felt the chill. Of course, this is not cold shivering, not his death. I believe there will be a lot of die next year." Liu Qiangdong believes that the winter of e-commerce in advance of nearly a year’s time to come.

now is the electronic commerce enterprise financing, crazy crazy burn time, even many investors believe that although there are bubbles, but the bubble is not large, so what is Liu Qiangdong so serious judgment


answer is: a lot of e-commerce marketing costs have exceeded sales.

in fact since the start of e-commerce boom started buying, a kind of money to pull the user’s marketing is popular. Liu Qiangdong discovered this phenomenon a year ago, from the day of discovery, we will be able to make a judgment, e-commerce industry will be a problem."

Liu Qiangdong given the number is based on: do 100 yuan advertising costs, only bring sales of $10. "That’s terrible." He said.

Liu Qiangdong said even if the real situation is not so exaggerated, but this disproportionate investment spending seems to have become a trend, such as all subsidiaries of the group purchase website rice network, reached $4 million 600 thousand in the first quarter operating expenses, and net revenue of only $900 thousand. Everyone company CEO Chen Yizhou even put forward, will be doubled to invest in the development of glutinous rice.

it is difficult to understand for the Liu Qiangdong Jingdong very careful in reckoning, because the mall never did: from 2004 to 2007 Jingdong mall a penny of advertising no flowers. After the formation of the marketing department in 2007, spent only 1% of the cost of sales, Liu Qiangdong insisted that a good user experience, and spread through the user.

but can not deny that, in the fierce competition in e-commerce market today, if you do not burn advertising marketing, it is difficult to obtain a large number of users, and when users are not, no more chance to live.

Liu Qiangdong does not recognize the above logic, he cited the example of Jingdong Mall: when entering the e-commerce industry in 2004, Dangdang, excellent network has a large scale, but that

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