Money paid through the U S express account available online shopping outside the RMB

Tencent science and technology news on November 19th, Choi Fu Tong and American Express held a press conference today, jointly announced the money paid through the American Express international account formally launched. This is the first payment paid by the company on its platform to launch virtual payment products, to provide the most advanced American Express security facilities to support cross-border online shopping unprecedented security.

"money to pay through American Express international account" use "one-time security code" security features, money paid through the user every time online transactions, will automatically generate a different one-time security code. Since each security code can only be used once in each transaction, the user does not need to worry about the security code was stolen, thereby ensuring the security of the payment of funds through the cross-border online shopping account funds.

which is a new product that caifutong users can go shopping in overseas merchants accept American Express card on the website, including DELL Department Lu Ming (Bloomingdales),, and other global popular websites, product categories include fashion, retail, electronic products, skin care cosmetics, audio books and other fields, the user can in Finland Airlines (Finnair), Agoda Hotel (Agoda) and other international airline or hotel website to pay the cost of airline tickets or hotel accommodation overseas.

caifutong general manager Lai Zhiming introduction: "domestic users opened TenPay American Express international account, buy goods in overseas shopping sites can be easily RMB payment process with domestic payment convenient, fast and safe."

even online merchants require delivery addresses within the United States, the money paid through American Express international account users is not a problem. American Express "overseas direct purchase" platform (globaleshop), an online service platform service caifutong American Express international account users, will provide services and support for the user to specify a transport address, the user completes the cross-border online shopping, goods will be transferred to the domestic overseas transport address specified delivery address.

to encourage caifutong users "early adopters" shopping overseas, caifutong will launch a series of promotions, who opened TenPay American Express international account users can receive money paid and shells, opened after the completion of the first 1000 user transactions can also receive Amazon (Amazon) cash coupon. In Finland Airlines (Finnair), Ya DA Hotel (Agoda),, Blumin Dale department store (Bloomingdales), comGateway and other merchant sites enjoy exclusive discounts. There will be other overseas businesses continue to introduce preferential activities, through the United States and the United States to pay money to buy international accounts have larger discounts or mail.

Gu Hualong, President of

Global Business Network Asia Pacific, said: "with the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States

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