SF preferred to seek a breakthrough the force of cross border electricity providers and O2O


technology news November 10th morning news, SF SF preferred electricity supplier brand 2 years of low-key operations, has completed the accumulation of service experience for the group of "task", help the group hatched independent brand "SF cold", which will force the next O2O and cross-border electricity supplier, seeking a breakthrough point for the next development.

revenue grew 200%

SF preferred in May 2012 a high-profile appearance, has experienced three executive: Liu Miao, Li Dongqi and Cui Xiaoqi. According to internal sources, the selection of the top three responsible for the replacement, and the development of the business has a close relationship with the preferred period.

Liu Miao was responsible for the first stage of "build the preferred electricity supplier", the business is completed, preferably with group docking, and maximize the use of resources you need to master the SF, the resource of the group to promote. This is joined in 2007 as vice president of SF, SF airlines set up to help Li Dongqi.

Li Dongqi succeeded Liu Shuang responsible for the optimization of business, do not fully understand the electricity supplier, but his advantage, can according to the needs of the business and transport aircraft called sf. Li Dongqi is responsible for the preferred business period, preferably out of Beijing, in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to launch food distribution services.

In addition to the second phase of

preferred to expand and integrate the group resources, another task is to do the "flow experience" for the development of logistics group, the accumulation of experience to provide services to other customers, the group hopes to cut electricity supplier courier industry big cake.


Cui Xiaoqi took off before executives preferred business, preferably second stage basically completed. In September this year, SF independent SF cold Yun brand, targeting the fresh food industry, to provide one-stop supply chain solutions, this year 11, SF cold transport will usher in the first test.

According to Tmall

a fresh brand operators revealed that in 11 two fresh businesses mainly adopt two kinds of logistics modes, one is SF cold transport, two rookie logistics. SF cold transport customer service including optimization, including Tmall platform businesses and other fresh electricity supplier and enterprise.

hatch out of cold transport business, the preferred need to grow faster in the electricity supplier business. In the preferred CEO (Cui Xiaoqi Li Dongqi back to headquarters, but still served as chairman of the preferred view, preferably) although the development of late, but the growth rate is very fast. He revealed that in the past year revenue growth of 200% over the past year, is expected to continue to maintain the future growth rate of the figure of three.

force O2O and cross-border electricity supplier

now fresh electricity industry is very competitive, in addition to SF preferred, originally life network, Tootoo, Tmall, Jingdong, the 1st shops have invested heavily into the. Cui Xiaoqi said that the current 60% SF preferred imported food, maintain a relatively high-end positioning, the future will not only increase the share of imported food, will also increase with the difference of the domestic commodity.

to seek a breakthrough point

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