This is the second batch of cross border electricity supplier list following milk formula no registr

late last night, the Ministry of Finance and other 13 departments will be cross-border e-commerce retail import list (the second batch) (positive list) announced since April 16, 2016 implementation. The second batch list includes 151 8 tariff lines, the first batch of the list including a total of 1142 8 tariff lines. This means that cross-border electricity positive list of goods in 1292 to 8 tariff lines for.

reporter noted that the first batch of 11 departments issued by the Ministry of Finance and the list, and the list of the second installment of the Ministry of Finance and other departments issued 13. The second batch of the list, some of the goods are described. Such as the food and Drug Administration in accordance with the law requires medical, registration or filing of the special food (including health food, formula foods for special medical purposes etc.) are described, the cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported infant formula milk powder does not need access to relevant product formula registration certificate.


cross-border e-commerce import list of goods (second batches) part of the list. Source: Ministry of finance website.

at the time of the second batch of positive list published, the Ministry of finance, the relevant person in charge of the Customs Department on the issue of public opinion to answer. Mainly divided into six aspects:

one, will not bring too much burden on consumers

cross-border electricity supplier tax after the implementation of the new deal, the commodity is a rise or fall". In addition, the "New Deal" for business enterprises to reduce logistics costs, shorten the time of customs clearance, the business enterprise can solve part of the cost price, the overall impact on maternal and child class and other mass consumer goods is limited, not bring too much burden to consumers.

two, the two batch list of goods to meet the needs of most consumers

7 released the first list including a total of 1142 8 tariff lines, covering part of the food and beverage, garments, household appliances, cosmetics, diapers, children’s toys, such as insulation cup. 15 night released the list, including frozen seafood, fresh fruit, oil products and medical devices such as 151 8 tariff lines.

on the recent hot import of infant formula milk powder, 13, according to the State Food and drug administration, the relevant goods list notes are described, clear the current cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported infant formula milk powder does not need to obtain the relevant product formulation of the certificate of registration, from January 1, 2018 onwards, in the infant formula milk powder China sales must be lawfully obtained registration certificate and the product formula; "first imported cosmetics" are explained by the cross-border electricity supplier of imported cosmetics shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the approval (including registration certificate) products.

three, the annual limit of 20000 yuan to meet personal consumption demand

Ministry of finance, the Customs Department official said, a single transaction limit by the tax policy in 1000 yuan (Hong Kong, Macao)

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