Jingdong blocked caifutong behind the electricity supplier industry chain battle quietly started

news shows that Jingdong mall has quietly blocked Tencent’s three party payment platform money paid through. The second major domestic B2C platform Tencent shot, what does this mean?

ban WeChat

August 26th, reported that the Jingdong released internal e-mail, known as information security to better protect the company, customers and partners, from now on, the use of IM tools can only choose easecredit, can not use other mobile communication tools. Moreover, Liu Qiangdong requires 30 thousand employees to strictly abide by.

has been exposed in the mail, wrote: with the rapid development of Jingdong, the company’s influence is rapidly rising. As we all know, we have 30 thousand employees, nearly 40 thousand cooperation partners, hundreds of millions of users, the daily trading volume of orders in the order of one million, every day in the transfer of a large number of business information, these information are very important for the Jingdong itself, our customers, suppliers and sellers. For information security to better protect the company, customers and partners, the company first announced the following provisions: from now on, all Jingdong company employees to work related business exchanges in the use of mobile instant messaging, unified use easecredit, then use other mobile instant messaging tool is not allowed. The above provisions come into effect from now on, I hope every colleague from me, strictly abide by."

in this letter, WeChat was blocked because of the safety of Jingdong. In the mall before Jingdong, 360 companies have long asked all employees to disable WeChat.

in addition to these two, Ali is also using a variety of ways to block WeChat. Ali has asked all staff to use the IM software, contacts, and to set rewards. Alibaba group CEO Lu Zhaoxi issued a message to all employees, said in December 31st this year, the number of non colleagues who have the most active friends, will receive one hundred thousand yuan after tax bonus. In addition to Ali WeChat’s series of actions has been launched, including micro-blog launched "Taobao edition", and Alipay will add "Alipay wallet in the mobile client platform / public account, then Ali announced the suspension of" WeChat related applications in Taobao service market order, Taobao began to clean up with the chain of two-dimensional code image……

WeChat may be due to the reasons for the exclusion of its electricity supplier to cut into the field of payment, the Department of Ali outside the Tencent, Jingdong two major threat to the electricity supplier ecology. In August 5th this year, the official launch of WeChat 5, WeChat payment and game center at the same time in the new version. Subsequently, Tencent’s fast and easy network access to the first WeChat payment. Easy fast data show that the day of the line, there are hundreds of single orders paid by WeChat completed. Among them, iOS mobile client WeChat payment orders accounted for 20% of the total amount of mobile phone terminal. It is reported that Tencent will also be launched in the near future under the circumstances of WeChat orders, payment and other closed-loop shopping.

Jingdong third party payment ambitions

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