Look at BELLE in the end is how to do electricity supplier

A5 webmaster introduction: talking now the business is not good to do, especially with Taobao, Jingdong and Tmall big business platform, small business is difficult to be successful, but BELLE in a difficult environment has been growing, the look with BELLE in the end is how to do business?

two years ago, BELLE group launched the electricity supplier website excellent purchase. Two rivers and lakes. This business has been different from two years ago.

BELLE how the layout of the electricity supplier business for all of the traditional brands, especially department stores, clothing and footwear brands are very reference. The day before yesterday, BELLE’s business station excellent shopping network CEO Zhang Xuejun accepted this interview, describes the development of ideas and experience excellent shopping network. Let’s see what Zhang Xuejun said.

1, and now the market competition environment has been very different from two years ago, the best buy no competitors (he refers to the year’s competitors to buy music and music has declined). At the same time, the department store electricity supplier also usually can be hard to keep up with BELLE, because BELLE can lose billions of profits in a year, 100 million to do business, but other department stores can net profit of hundreds of millions, can not do such a large investment in electricity supplier.

2, before the electricity market is special, like a dog barking, who shouted loud, who traffic is large, business is good. But now is not, Jingdong, Tmall such a large platform has come out. Their basic pursuit of large and full, the size of the dominant. Differentiated electricity providers have the opportunity. Vip.com, for example, was successful.

3, BELLE to increase the electricity supplier business resources. The future will become an excellent purchase price in 300-1000 yuan, categories of goods mainly concentrated in the clothing, shoes and bags and sports shoes fashion mall.

4, BELLE, best buy will achieve the integration of online and offline in two years, and purchase sales of BELLE’s brand, will be the next line store delivery; and purchase non proprietary brands by excellent purchase delivery.

5, under the integration of online and offline, for BELLE, it is difficult, BELLE is currently used in the IT system is built 10 years ago, it is not easy to get online and offline IT system. Over the past 2 years, this has become one of the priorities of the best buy business. The BELLE group has 153 storage centers nationwide, about 18000 shops need to transform the IT system, and will be open to all system transformation, to be able to achieve two years later.

6, recently, many department stores want to enter the electricity supplier, and Zhang Xuejun’s proposal is that if the IT system is outsourced or purchased, then do not do. Because, although Chinese do have a special logistics software company, specializes in open POS system, but have little to do with the electricity supplier platform company, these companies can less integration, which often is the key of traditional enterprises to enter the electricity supplier industry.

7, through the IT system to achieve the integration of online and offline, the future of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen warehouse, will be mainly non BELLE operating >

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