90 mom 0 basic learning Shanghai Longfeng how short time the weight increased to 2 of the true heart

may be as long as the direction, efforts will not be wasted. To my surprise, inadvertently, I found my website weight

How to change the site title like

is too busy to slobber every day I can not attend, in order to put the keywords ranking up as soon as possible, to make up the site traffic. To hear him talk after my heart suddenly sank.

I according to him, pick up confidence, adhere to the update to reduce the number of the day, a day to update a. So imperceptibly in over a month, I found that my article was collected. Too happy. So, over the past two months. Website update more quickly, one day an update. The search engine comes very frequently.


website also began to increase the amount of consultation, to see the results of their efforts, was very happy, although is very busy every day, but feel that everything is worth, like the first time when the mother’s mood. Perhaps too smooth, God wants to test me. A day, there are one or two consulting and intentions clear, want to buy products left contact.


back when I started to learn Shanghai, three months before the scene, Yang teacher encouraged me to believe in yourself, believe in yourself and the life you want will give you. So I do as he says, because what all don’t know, Yang said to give me the data read, do not know to check your information, it will not ask him, so good to cultivate my ability to solve problems. At that time, he is my God, and he said that I was stupid, B style execution, ha ha, is now.

second days, I immediately corrected, naive to think that as long as the index will be updated daily articles, site of the rise, unexpectedly, after half a month is old. I am anxious like hot pot ant, how do ah. Ask a teacher Yang, Yang said the quality, not quantity.

ah, why change ah, when I come to the end. Remember the most impressive one is that I am very distressed, I hard everyday, brains to write so many original, why not included. Miss Yang told this, Yang immediately gave me a thorough diagnosis of the website, I found the website robots protocol is that the ban grab column, told me that even if write dead will not included.

I just put contact to the engineering department and other do not control. I didn’t think like a clerk in the eyes of colleagues, they say "I am too relaxed, not is the chain, write a soft, so simple?." The boss did not expect a talk to me so that he wanted to be traded, if not traded everything in vain, white busy.

changed from 1 to 2. Is unexpected. As long as the original young teachers in the correct guidance, step by step operation. The effect will be very obvious.

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