Optimization of branch website select the pros and cons of the two level domain and two level direct


two domain names, the main form of main branch website domain name, such as "bbs.admin5贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝". The website and so on, believe that most webmaster understand. Some of the big portal using the domain name to branch construction and so on. Why, the weight of the two level domain is given in the search engine is higher than the two level directory. In the optimization of consistency, the same keyword ranking, ranking the two level domain, often will be higher than the two level directory

four: both according to the potential is

two domain

: the advantages and disadvantages of

two: the advantages and disadvantages of

in the above two points, more owners will think two level domain name completely at a disadvantage, but is it? The construction of two directory sites and a two level domain name always can not match advantage: can increase the weight of the main station, master station to enhance the effect of the ranking, the weight between main station and sub directory can that is complementary to each other! Presumably, two level domain name will be lost, in the search engine optimization rules, the two level domain was used as a new station building. In the process of observation, assessment of which to experience accumulated weight of a series of short time is not too high the weight lifting. But if the update slowly, the search engine will gradually reduce the weight of

! two level directoriesWhat is the

two directory, the website is usually a subdirectory of the main website construction, the general forms such as "www.*****贵族宝贝/bbs/," this type of website. So what are the advantages of this website? The author to say here is that such sites tend to optimize the starting point is relatively high, can be in the construction line after they inherited part of the weight of master station. What are the new audit period will not, as long as the master has included weight, two directories will be search engine will take. But the disadvantage of the same level as the optimization of inferior by comparison, if the situation in the search engine rankings will be far better than the two level domain name.

three: the planning analysis of

in the website development process, if the construction branch of different contents, the author recommended the use of "two domain" construction site, because it is not associated with the theme of the content, with independent of the two domain names are more likely to raise its own weight. But if the branch website construction, and is closely related to the main website content, the author recommended the use of two >.

website development to a certain size, in order to promote more services, so the construction of sub station in the original site. But do not want to use the new independent domain name, domain name and website still choose to do the construction, in order to improve the overall influence. But what is the use of two level directory construction better, or the use of the construction of the two level domain is better? There are many webmaster in the period of struggle. Today is on the above binary content to do a analysis, hoping to give some in the confusion of the webmaster choose Views:

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