Love Shanghai issued new initiatives to support more mobile web site

from the beginning of 2014, love Shanghai to speed up the mobile of its own transformation, but also greater efforts to promote the transition to the mobile network. As of the end of 2014, the number of mobile stations increased by 105% over the previous year included the love of Shanghai. Data report agency CNNIC survey also showed that the love of Shanghai mobile search users penetration rate has reached 96.3%.

November 17th, Shanghai Senior Product Manager Molili love to share some love Shanghai mobile friendly guide to Mobile friendly. The guide pointed out that when the mobile users in the mobile phone on the spot according to one of the search results, in addition to meet the demand of the search results, search results, page loading speed, page browsing experience with mobile terminal adapter and other factors, will affect the mobile user experience satisfaction.

requirements for service quality is improving, so love Shanghai for the overall quality of the site also began to set up a new living standard, to change user friendly site requirements. The mobile terminal is concerned, but also the mobile represent the general trend, accelerate "

mobile users not only to love Shanghai more and more attention to the mobile terminal, also let love Shanghai began to control the quality of the site and user experience.

in order to improve the mobile user experience, love Shanghai also began to encourage the webmaster actively strengthen the construction site in the mobile terminal.

of course, in addition to mobile friendly guide, love Shanghai also introduced the service in the mobile search new product transfer from APP AppLink. Love is on the Shanghai AppLink integrated solution of mobile Internet App content and Html5 content of the seamless open. According to love Shanghai, love Shanghai customer service through AppLink access, can let users love Shanghai by clicking on the search results, tone has been installed in the user equipment App, and enter the contents of the corresponding interface. AppLink Product Manager Huang Yuhan also said that all businesses will be connected to the Olympic Webmaster Platform to submit their own data and use the services in the near future.

after 3 months of the season for love in Shanghai Webmaster Platform from more than 3000 registration website selected 80 finalists final, and select the 29 award-winning site. In November 17, 2015, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform invited dozens of new sites, together to explore how talent shows itself in the waves of entrepreneurs, get more resources to support the love of Shanghai.

love Shanghai in promoting the transition to the mobile website at the same time, also began to develop a new collection of standards, forcing the site keywords, abandoned before the title of the Party style.

The rise of mobile Internet and

three months ago, Shanghai love second "butterfly action game launched for webmasters. Unlike the previous game, the love Shanghai more attention in the mobile terminal construction site, will also search for website engine evaluation, content quality, user experience and other factors are included in the rating criteria.

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