How to update the enterprise website content quality


of each industry is industry related knowledge, terminology, users want to understand the content, at the same time, in the creation of the article should always stand on the user’s point of view, think about if you are users will want to understand what, if you really do not know, then, can through the online message, and love Shanghai know, SOSO ask these places to understand what is more concerned about the common problems of users, and then put it in the solution, users often concern, understanding of user needs. When you put on

case service experience

wrote articles of justice evaluation

for enterprise site, updated every day is very difficult, it might as well let users for our initiative to add to the content in the user questions, experts to solve the user answer questions, daily updates will have, this type of content to help users at the same time, also for their own site to increase the original and the quality of the content, we Why not?? while improving the user experience of the website, the interaction with the user.

for many enterprises have had a lot of customer service, have their own products, if your customers can according to your product or service to take the initiative to write something, even if only a few words is also very good, talk about your product or service benefits, what are the functions of these it is of great value, can put them in order on the web site, these are successful cases. If the customer is not written manually, only verbal discussion said, then you have to put the customer’s comment text into finishing the case made on the site.


home expert Q & a section

each industry has its own products, software and services need evaluation, users want to see some fair reviews in the choice, can effectively help users to select which home products or services better, believe that many users want to see this kind of content, if we are users will want to see these unbiased and impartial evaluation, not quite a detailed list of products or services of the advantages and disadvantages, can help the user to select a suitable for your product or service, put these articles on the website, trust can be very good to improve the website.

update site for enterprise website content, believe each Shanghai Longfeng staff will be very troublesome, every day to add website content is a very painful process, want to break the head also don’t know to find good content can be updated, many Shanghai Longfeng personnel will say, so enterprise site content updates, usually what activities did not want news, every day to update their own news website, is not an easy thing. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ zhenduan/ Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng) and everyone is talking about how to update the

FAQThe enterprise website quality content?


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