Thinking for counter attack Shanghai dragon long tail keywords breakthrough point

is now more and more long tail keywords by the attention of webmaster, mining long tail keywords is a headache. But the user has some habits do you have on. The title plus the number of hits will be much higher, such as six skills, Shanghai dragon chain love Shanghai platform outside the chain of seven etc.. The long tail word timeliness and pertinence. As long as you go to the summary, you will find a big secret, the traffic is your most concern about how to retain customers.

the long tail word has several people to do? You do, your flow.

1, Shanghai know love. To love Shanghai know that you can always find the long tail word many users really really search.

tourism industry as an example


long tail word mining platform

industry forum. See what users are most interested in what the title, what right do the long tail word.

how to find a breakthrough in the


page with the tourism competition now is more and more intense, so the fierce market you can do? The answer is yes, Taobao is still not off so intense that so many people are doing. Can mainly see if you can find a breakthrough in the industry, to find their own traffic sources.

do the most difficult problem is how to layout keywords, nor how to send the chain, but not how to promote. But how to retain customers, how to retain users? Stay as Water Leakage basin is difficult to fill the natural weight cannot accumulate, whether you do good is of no avail details. We talk about how to keep the user is different, is actually better than peers think a step. Most people give up will encounter the first bend, and you have to do is to go the higher the amount of user’s website, his weight will be high, ranking will be good. Keep the user on the web like Water Leakage touch, even if you how gorgeous, you are dissatisfied with the water sheng.






first, you have to have some understanding of this industry, we are very concerned about the word, you will not have to pay attention to. We are concerned about the words, certainly many people already do, there are some big companies, but they are you together. For a new station, what will we look for our flow. We thought, between the people, the biggest difference is that the strategies and ideas. We pay attention to the long tail keywords we are not care. You travel, you have to pay attention to what we still do not have to pay attention to key words. For example, you go to a meeting, you may want to play after the end of the meeting, this time you want to hire a guide to show the way. And call some of the long tail word came out. How much is it rent XX guide.

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