Magical love Shanghai website snapshot quickly uncovered behind the problem


this paper will be to show the use of a love Shanghai to quickly identify the case snapshot website, hope to provide a reference for all flexible use of snapshot love Shanghai. The first to introduce the general situation of the case. The case involves the website "www.***.net". The problem is: at the bottom of the site navigation links in the specific circumstances of It is without rhyme or reason. disappear, see Figure 1:

disappeared Figure two

should have been the bottom note is "the copyright for all network, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝***.net for network, thank you!" but the results into "the copyright for all network, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝 for

, a website with the domain name


!The midpoint of

please carefully look at a position below a red line, it is in the user experience of the web site, you will find the domain name of the website is missing. Not only is a "user experience" this strange phenomenon, the other at the bottom of the navigation text appeared this phenomenon. In addition, the bottom of the content page reprint articles about notes a similar problem, illustrated as follows:


love Shanghai snapshot is very important to search engine optimization, but do people all pay attention to the site of the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai. Often removed from the forum, you will find that talking about issues related to love Shanghai snapshot post really is too much. However, careful observation you will find the post topic is mainly concerned about the update snapshot of love Shanghai.

, the bottom of the article reprinted without annotation domain name

network, thank you!"

in fact, flexible use of the website snapshot love Shanghai can play an unexpected role. Not long ago wrote "love for Shanghai opera was included in the number of crimes Quebec server upgrade", is the use of a case of love Shanghai solve practical problems website snapshot. Interested friends can go to see 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20120530/434717.shtml.

We all know that

first discovered this kind of phenomenon, a very strange. There is also a little bit ominous feeling: this site is not to black people! Because this few are my hand in the template input domain name information, has no problems, suddenly disappeared, there seems to be someone against me. I think, eyes straight jump, sweating sweat! Two days before hackers see Telecom took over the A5, did not think today is my turn, true tianduyingcai

opened in June 7th with the home page snapshot, even good, not what problem "

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