Love the sea search Shanghai dragon the Japanese website reached four station full resolution


highlights: a peculiar domain 1. of Japan’s Shanghai dragon website domain name: 贵族宝贝yes- Shanghai,.Net/. First, the.Net is not the most senior of the best domain suffix, secondly it in yes and Shanghai Longfeng middle added the "-", worth plummeted, according to common sense, the search engine is not love.

search results are really strong……………….


Shanghai Shanghai dragon


love Shanghai natural ranking results we love Shanghai natural ranking results. No. 1 and No. 6 blue arrow is love Shanghai products ranked side and Shanghai encyclopedia no ground for blame, love and the weight of the highest quality, in the first row is none. Secondly, in second webmaster tools is one of the tools we detected Shanghai Longfeng personnel must use, high visibility, wide applicable people, many webmaster webmaster to use statistical tools, webmaster tools bring huge traffic and chain. The third is the highest reputation of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, registration number, originality is very high, the study and discussion of students and workers in Shanghai Longfeng are very popular.

main interface – 2. a translation into the main interface, first of all we see is not.


fourth: Shanghai Longfeng Countermeasures of YES-.Net – sytec Corporation and Shanghai Longfeng lumira, in fact do not leak, and. Wait, I will master a comprehensive analysis of the magic of the Japanese website, how to get love Shanghai fourth, which makes us domestic enterprises too much to handle ah fifth is very Wang ZAC, Shanghai dragon stick a day, read Shanghai dragon combat password students know, Zac is the first person in Shanghai to study the Dragon, a few of the valuable reference books, but Zac has 3 weeks with a new, slip.

we have had a doubt, sigh, anger, puzzled the mentality of open in the fourth row of the Japanese website! (in order to facilitate the understanding and view, the webmaster here will give you the original Japanese website translation view)


China in Shanghai Longfeng fried domestic like a raging fire, in order to further open the stationmaster I learn, love Shanghai enter Shanghai dragon. The scene makes me completely stunned, Japanese site yes- Shanghai dragon appeared in Shanghai natural love home page four! I once thought that computer is a problem, or love the Shanghai crash, but 20 consecutive days of view…. We still look at the picture of

in Japan, YAHOO Japan is the first good, Google has to stand aside. I have to go to Japan to see how YAHOO

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