Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially launched Discuz structured data plug in

third, rich web content in search of love Shanghai show, enhance the rate after the user clicks to install the plug-in, plug-in push through quality content can be obtained in a richer display in Shanghai in search results, improve the user clicks.

Step four: enable

some time ago to see the famous IT blogger Lu Songsong article, claimed that love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will launch a Discuz program for the website included the plugin, designed to accelerate the contents of the forum included, and display quality resources, click rate and enhance the quality of the display rate of resources.

for download version of the plugin, unzip the file directory to the Discuz platform, /source/plugin


Step one:

first, automatic submission of sitemap, to ensure the content included. Install the plug-in, can traverse all forum posts, the automatic generation of sitemap submitted to love Shanghai, which included the historical content of the forum.


application center, this plug-in for Discuz! X2 and above version, and the version of X2 and X2.5 and above version two installation package, with the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform official correspondence between and application center with Shanghai Webmaster Platform corresponding with love.

in the management center application page – list of plugins directory, enable "baidusubmit" plugin;

is a new station in Chaling I in the forum after the installation, the submission of data will show the number of records, probably because it is not too much so new.

plug-in, verify the BBS web site, successful validation plug-in installation is complete.

actually, this article is to write yesterday, but no time to go to work yesterday. As a senior Discuz third party developers, so go to the application center has become my habit. Yesterday I went to the application center, home found the name of love Shanghai sitemap plug-in, the cut-off time is approaching 1000 downloads found.


;Step two:

landing Discuz platform environment to administrator account, in the management center application page – install new plugins directory, find the plug-in "baidusubmit" installation;

second, submit a new real-time content forum, speed up the collection. Install the plugin, when a new forum post, will be pushed to new posts real love Shanghai, greatly enhance the new content of the forum included the speed.

and install this plugin is very simple, even entry-level webmaster can also realize the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform described the use of independent function plug-ins.

In fact,

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform introduces three main functions of this plugin:

Step three:

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