The use of anchor text need to pay attention to the problem in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

First talk about the important role of

then analysis the anchor text links should be how to set. Generally speaking, the anchor text is actually a keyword web content on the page, usually on the home page description, although there are words of the site, but it can’t set the anchor text links, in addition to the column page keywords, should not set the anchor text. Set the anchor text link is relatively simple, usually a lot of free site program with intelligent setting function, only need to select the keywords, and then click properties, set to jump URL, it can form a link anchor text. Here, the anchor text links to the final jump on the page and the content must have the keyword relevance, if there is no correlation, then not only will not have a good optimization effect, but also bring great negative impact to the site.

finally talk about the set anchor text link, should pay attention to the problem. This need from the following aspects to pay attention to. First, in addition to the above mentioned in the description page, column page in the description of the contents, although this time should not appear keywords, but set anchor text >

anchor text. The anchor text set with two aspects of the role in the website content, is a good experience for the user, the other one is able to produce a good experience for the love of spiders in Shanghai. For the former, when the user opens the content on your site, if there is a certain number of keywords to your website content page, but these words often make the user feel confused, this time will be set to link anchor text keywords, then the user can open the anchor text link, can quickly locate the specific connotation keywords, to help users to quickly understand the relevant content.

as for the latter, set the anchor text link for the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization effect is relatively significant. When love Shanghai spider to your site, the anchor text links can guide the spider crawling the corresponding content, and then guide the love of spiders in Shanghai through your website, and effectively enhance the content included the number. With the increase in the number of content included, will help improve the weights of the website, and then quickly improve website ranking.

although many Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel attaches great importance to the construction of the anchor text links, but for the role of the anchor text, anchor text content and the need to pay attention to how to set up and set the anchor text when the problems are not very clear, this paper is a detailed analysis of the content, so as to optimize the staff to provide a the guide.

we know that in the process of website optimization, an anchor text links the existence of a variety of settings, by setting the anchor text, mainly to the organic connection of website content, so as to form a whole, so as to help the user to quickly find the location of the corresponding content, but also conducive to enhance the site can be love Shanghai search engine spiders machine fast crawling, which is conducive to the website optimization effect of promotion.

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