Shanghai Dragon heavy margin of regional differences in the keywords you pay attention to

is also a keyword, in different regions according to different search habits of local customers, search volume, the degree of competition it is not the same. The words like ceramics, we can see from the graph search volume in the Guangdong area is very high, a word is the same, in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Shaanxi in these areas is very few, if your customers are in Shaanxi, you do this word is simple is up, traffic is scanty but can bring, because the local people rarely search this word.

on the target keyword popularity, search volume, the attention of users, the user clicks the everyone is refreshing, it is important to know that the choice of target keywords, but sometimes we will find a very strange phenomenon that oneself use target keywords competition degree, search the amount is not too low, the number of clicks is not low, also soon put rankings do go in front of. But why my site traffic is not going to list or not. I think about this question stumped many friends, heavy margin Shanghai Longfeng here according to their own a little experience to share with you to help you solve the problems with the friends.

had a friend asks that I not to change my customer location IP to do optimization, because I in this area ranking, in the customer’s area is not necessarily good? Actually not, if the search engine is a kind of algorithm of an area, there are more than 30 administrative regions of the country. The love of Shanghai not to have at least 30 kinds of different regions of the algorithm and the ranking rules, the only domestic, and also love Shanghai international, like Shanghai engineers will be exhausted; look at global search engine noble baby, it has the market in 280 countries and regions around the world, it is not there are 280 different countries, different regions of the algorithm, the workload is amazing, noble baby there is more engineers also cannot complete.

first, we must understand what is the net to list will need site traffic, although the site has the flow is not necessarily a list, but the site does not flow that must not list, source of site traffic are the main target keywords, long tail keywords, the chain, Links these bring.

about the target keywords, we love Shanghai index look inside, such as ceramic in the word of love Shanghai index inside the results as below:

is a part of the figure shows the search index of the word in the ceramic each district and city, sometimes we will ignore the regional key words, but we often overlook the problems brought to us is the biggest.

The degree of competition,


Shanghai dragon website optimization focus on key words, the choice of keywords is a very important step, is a Shanghai dragon er must know and is a key step to the operation will have.

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