Talk about what is the reason for the website optimization excessive

‘s website may also lead to excessive site optimization, internal link optimization, you can make your site structure more clear, also can make search engines faster website content.

before do website optimization must first determine the keyword optimization, after is the title of the website, decent appropriate arrangements, do not blindly add a lot of keywords in the site above, these practices are very unfavorable for website optimization.

has many owners in order to enhance the rapid keyword ranking, will not hesitate to carry out the keywords description text on the home page, the inside pages are still some such operation. These methods are not desirable, if a site had certain effect in a very short time, a long time, it may be reduced or K right, these serious consequences I think we do not want to see.

website optimization is to improve the site in the search engine rankings, this is every webmaster can understand things, but in this work also made a lot of efforts. Some people do stand in the center of the optimization of the above, but we also heard a word? That is the site optimization excessive, no matter what, as long as do too will have the opposite effect. The appropriate site optimization is conducive to the development of the site, but the site optimization excessive not only bring what the considerable effect of

, it will be counterproductive. So the optimization on the site must be appropriate.

The update is one of the important problems of the Inside

site outbound links are generally added Links out, so in order to make better optimization, it is best to try to reduce the number of Links, if is new too many outbound links will lead to site K, so on the outbound links also to a certain amount.

many webmaster will make a same.

website content, original content to produce high quality is not an easy thing, so there are many webmaster use information collector to the website of heaven their contents, this approach is not very wise. The search engine is not love the same things, if the acquisition of more information, but also the lack of pertinence, could easily lead to dilution of the keyword density. It is best to add some of their own original article, every day one to two articles, has always insisted, will certainly have a good effect.

maybe many novice webmaster for website optimization is not excessive, but do not know what is the reason for the excessive optimization. The first is the title of the website, the general staff for Shanghai dragon, know the title of the site is very important, so in the writing of the title of the time will be very cautious. Some owners in order to better write down the words, can let the site has a good ranking, did not hesitate to add more key words in the title above, in fact, this is not good. Key words about the title above must be

added, too much too little.

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