360 to search against lightning love Shanghai Tencent

(reporter Li Bin) after Shanghai announced the acquisition of 91 wireless love money, 360 recently officially announced the launch of "lightning mobile phone search", covering software, games, e-books, music, ringtones, wallpapers, themes and other seven categories to download resources.

"lightning is mainly located in the mobile phone mobile phone search application search, users in the mobile phone to search the corresponding application, a key installation to mobile phone. "Lightning PC version of mobile phone search" (leidian贵族宝贝), mobile phone version (m.leidian贵族宝贝) version two. Use the PC version, the user computer must first install 360 mobile phone assistant, then the mobile phone connected to the computer through the USB cable or WiFi, it can be applied to mobile phone sent directly to the mobile phone and install. Using a mobile phone version of the lightning search, can be directly installed mobile phone application. However, the application of "mobile phone search search lightning" is limited in the application field of Android.

360 vice president Qu Xiaodong said, "lightning mobile phone search" is a vertical search, it is called "lightning", mainly emphasizes the search and application of quick installation, "there are a lot of" white "users are not accustomed to downloading applications in the electronic market, and used the traditional search download," lightning "can meet the needs of users."

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360 internal sources, the project known as the "1 project" in the company, headed by 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi personally, showing its importance. Internet analyst Sun Jie believes that the "lightning mobile phone search" is actually a vertical search for mobile phone resources, currently 360 in the wireless search input is not obvious, this product is to play more in love with the Tencent and the Shanghai competition "card" role, but also conducive to the promotion of 360 mobile phone assistant. Fell in love with the sea week bought 360 mobile phone assistant rival 91 wireless, gave a lot of pressure 360.

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