Effect of site open speed which causes

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, as far as I am concerned about as follows:


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two, the site in the design of improper will also affect the opening speed of the website, we do in web design must first understand site procedures, do the best out of the website front page can generate static HTML, when used to access the page is not returned by the database, directly in the host space directly feedback to the user, thus greatly improving the speed of the site visit, the web design proposal designed by DIV+CSS structure, thus reducing the unnecessary code.

impact site open speed in the key, 1, web space, virtual host selection; design and selection of Web 2, web application, to design the best simple optimization; 3, website content, website is also the best accessories, materials, quality assurance in these circumstances to get as small as possible.

in access to certain sites, always found some slow, click after a few minutes or difficult to open, a lot is out of unreachable error! Especially when we visit foreign websites that are the most common, the website cannot open not only brought us a very good impression, let us immediately to open this website will no longer visit.

when we are in the construction site a lot of users on the web site of the open speed and more attention, most of them require the website open soon.

There are many factors that influence the website open speed

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optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

three, when adding website product picture does not take pictures of optimization, I often find that there are a lot of website images directly without treatment or upload a picture to reach 10M, when the user opens the page loading this picture for a long time, needless to say the site open speed has been seriously affected, when we upload pictures of the picture must be optimized, as far as possible within the picture to 50-300KB.

, a virtual host space is a single or abroad, if you are buying a single virtual host, when the user is on a very slow phenomenon of different network access to it, such as your web space is a single Netcom, when users access the severely impact speed in foreign countries. The space is the same, in the domestic access speed is very slow! When shopping website hosting space to top up according to your customers to purchase, if the domestic users to visit on the choice of the domestic double space. If your company is doing foreign trade, it should choose the overseas virtual hosting space, so that it can retain more access to the user.

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