Search engine optimization optimization white paper love Shanghai what reference

second, make sure the web page can be user safe and comfortable reading. I found that in the optimization process, with many enterprises website or personal website "in many advertisements especially some illegal popups, personal Adsense advertising, there are many websites directly by malicious attackers placed many trojan virus, which is the search engine to determine the most basic elements of quality web pages, if the web page quality the problems in terms of security, but also can easily imagine rankings, the love of Shanghai search engine mainly from several aspects of content publishing, advertising effect, access speed for web content to judge the quality of. I think we should start from the base station, "words must be reasonable layout, mainly in the size of the text, paragraphs, paragraph alignment etc.. Secondly, "must go to a regular check to ensure the quality and safety of". Finally, web access speed, web server space access speed, don’t let them wait too long time, so as to effectively reduce the rate of jump out.

first, love Shanghai search engine optimization white paper for the quality of the content of requirements. Many people do not understand the search engine optimization content how to do, in fact, content quality in addition to other factors, we can refer to the original and first, cost, cost of content quality refers to the process of writing this article for your investment of time and energy, this is very easy to understand, a paper copy it can be said that as long as a few seconds, but the cost of natural value is self-evident, so we have to do the content of the website of high cost, mainly in, can be multi segment, short sentences, illustrations, each piece of content with clear to express our thoughts, this information must be able to give us the user reading value.

third, web content must be timely fresh. Especially for search engine optimization, the author found that many enterprise website content quality is not enough, or obsolete, or are not updated during a long period of time, as the search engine to grab fresh information valuable, timely and valuable papers but if many fresh is what happened before is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, I believe that the search engine it will be very disgust, as a webmaster we should pay attention to the optimization methods and optimization techniques for us, especially in the content of professional degrees and fresh efforts to find some new and recent events to appear in front of users.

website optimization we must continue to focus on the details of the time >

we know, website optimization we are feeling the stones, by virtue of their experience to optimize the details of treatment, but most of the time I found that we have some important reference factors can be good, is worth learning, search engine optimization white paper, as owners we have carefully read the love of Shanghai search engine optimization white paper. Here I guide you? Read the following, the following three points the key contents of the white paper.

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