Shanghai dragon new ideas can let you earn double money

to solve these problems, I want to give you advice is: the strength of the failure is temporary, no power, success is temporary. Don’t believe the myth.

: the first rank changes lead to depression.

technical staff at first we designed a set of keywords optimization in accordance with the requirements of customers: Baoding blue ribbon | postpartum weight loss | postpartum breast shaping | postpartum recovery | postpartum weight | Tongru lactagogue. Soon, the Shanghai Dragon technology, these words were in love in Shanghai home, but technicians found it did not how much traffic for the blue ribbon. The reason is that these words traffic is not high, this effect is not good. Our technical staff occurred after the consultations, the visitors to the site, since they are mothers, what words can not only high traffic, and can bring the accurate flow for the blue ribbon


so we found a very important vocabulary: Baoding Yuesao, the daily traffic of the word love in Shanghai are 50-80, people are generally looking Yuesao maternal or her family, when they enter Baoding Yuesao, opened the blue ribbon website, they will understand that the original post natal care also it is important, at the same time we also made a reservation page, so that these women immediately become quasi potential customers blue ribbon.

through this story, I want to tell you is, in fact, Shanghai dragon.

second: the further that the technology is too simple to do some problems?.

has changed the keyword strategy, blue ribbon website visits increased by 50%, telephone consultation and reservation user is up.


Hello, continue to share with you about the network opinion. Today I want to share is about Shanghai dragon’s way of thinking. My last article "local talent website easy to achieve a monthly income of 60 thousand" after the release, many friends add my QQ, have questioned said to me, do not believe that we can do such a good effect. I have many friends also carried out a detailed explanation, I think it is everyone in the business site without opening the train of thought.

third: the effect is too anticipation, once the short-term can not be achieved, it is difficult to think.

some time ago, we received a project: a company called blue ribbon maternal recovery center, I went to the store for a moment, good decoration, service staff is very professional. But frankly speaking, choose the wrong position. They put in a at the end of the road to open the shop, it will lose the natural flow, can only rely on users to pull, it is very tired. Some people say that Shanghai dragon is passive flow is this meaning, can have a natural flow. Because many cases to convince the US, they finally chose us to help him do network promotion project.

today, I believe many of my friends have appeared lost to Shanghai Phoenix, disappointment, what is the reason?

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