Shanghai dragon how to perform keyword strategy

here for a simple example, recently in optimizing a prize.the school website, so how do I plan on such a station keywords? First, my position is whole and Beida Jade Bird Education and training related keywords, so long as it is to think about the Beida Jade Bird IT training class can be, so I want to do is through the relevant tools, I need to do what kind of keywords, the second is the long tail word, in fact such a station may have tens of thousands of the long tail word, there is no outstanding achievements, such as the day to do it, believe that the light of these long tail word can bring considerable large flow.

correlation search engine, search engine when we will come out some related tips in the search for certain keywords, and these tips are for us to do the long tail word provides a lot of reference, we must not underestimate the power of the long tail words, sometimes even more than your core key words more powerful, so that when we do long tail keyword strategy, this is also a good reference.

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is to use the keyword tool, this tool, love Shanghai and Google are related to the tool, we can analyze what we need to do a keyword about the search volume, the daily search volume, including search groups and so on will have a relevant statistics, though probably not 100% the accurate but can give us a more accurate reference, is also very important for our Shanghai dragon strategy.

when we face a website if planned? There are many methods, we need to carry out related positioning of the industry, you this station is belongs to one level, is aimed at mass or for what kind of people you have to know, not greedy, otherwise you may what do not do well.

when a good location after we began our website keywords trip, we must first learn to use search engines, we should also learn to search, when we search some key words, careful friends will find a lot of details, such as domain name which is the type of structure, search out the keyword TITLE. The search volume and so on, these are actually the first to do a general understanding of this kind of key words.

A second part of the most important

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