Subvert the past experience of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

A: in fact, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, are groping on your own, everyone’s style is different, with its own unique style, there is no 2 personal style is exactly the same, the experience of the predecessors is not wrong, it is also possible to find out his own, but we cannot completely copy today, the predecessors said content important, we will make mad? Tomorrow that predecessors said the chain, then we can send a link madly? It is not, we do Shanghai dragon, want oneself to slowly try, slowly groping, groping a suitable for their own site optimization experience, because the love of Shanghai and clear pointed out that the Shanghai dragon optimization algorithm.

saw this, and we will have our common ideas, the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, completely subvert the Shanghai dragon before optimization experience we know, love Shanghai algorithm, we can only try to try, we all often in the webmaster forum can see Shanghai dragon optimization "we see this website wise remark of an experienced person, however, will not be lost, a break we do Shanghai Longfeng traditional ideas website, how to love Shanghai search engine

you can see the basic situation, the station can be regarded as a new station, but he is highly reached many sites do not up to a year high of nearly 4 months, Shanghai 2 Google love impact weight, weight 2, average daily traffic reached three hundred or four hundred, there may be some people think so what good magic, but the mysterious place lies in his collection and chain, said in his collection and chain before, in the 2 picture of

champion?In fact, regardless of the traditional Shanghai dragon

: the quality of the chain


second: optimization of foundation fail. The foundation here is the stability of the site. This must be the webmaster friends all know, the importance of stability. So why, no matter the optimization experience of Shanghai traditional dragon and Phoenix, or subvert the traditional.

: a keyword ranking

take a look at the old rules of the site summary, figure

(Note: the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, is a fuzzy match DINK, and not his chain)

today, why write this article? Shanghai Longfeng optimization before analyzing many websites, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization know the words "content is king, the chain for emperor" a good ranking station, is to rely on these two points, although this sentence tells us not to love Shanghai clear however, this sentence brilliantly summarized before we do Shanghai dragon down from generation to generation exploration experience, today the site completely subvert the optimization experience Shanghai dragon in the past, so writing this article for Shanghai dragon industry grassroots webmaster, study together, master insightful words, you can also share view.

Figure two

optimization experience, or to subvert the traditional optimization, as long as we adhere to the 2 point is

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