Taobao keyword analysis quality customer experience secret

was yesterday to write an article about how to find good keywords, but writing a day still feel badly written, find words too much, the intention of customers themselves to think what would ask, flagship store shop word, long tail keywords tool mining, including acquisition keyword analysis. Write a day still feel good yesterday, summarized out 123, therefore decided not to write the word, find the method of everyone has a different method, the word is too much, to see Ali mother the love sea search will be able to select a N, for the new, how to judge the word of competition only is the key, therefore today do not find that word, said word analysis.

, start, suppose we use various methods (love Shanghai down, they want to, tools of mining, collecting love Shanghai, Taobao acquisition of Taobao acquisition down train) and other various methods to get the "s" of N. Following the start of analysis.

The day before yesterday,

wrote a "super dry cargo – Shanghai dragon Taobao share off site several mainstream practices" believe fun seen friends shouted, there is the author’s experience, the Shanghai dragon Taobao guest website made a summary of the direction, to facilitate the adjustment of ideas. See the paper, you will find that the choice of words is the most important step, choose what words you decide what type of station, CI selection is good, decide your future success.

what is a good word? Simple, small flow is full of high competition index of the flow of intention word is a good word, choose a good word, you are half way. So how to analyze this word is a little competition index high intention flow word OK, to share with you immediately. Today’s example products around the "lac", will analyze several high-quality keywords, want to do friends can take these words to do. See the article again, I see the right analysis.

look at the word "s". First look at the index, every index of about 13000 or so, very hot words, if done before three, according to 100 customers in a turnover, turnover 130, a commission of $60-90 a day, how much money can be analyzed. Then enter the word love Shanghai began to analyze the degree of competition, competition analysis is generally not what software can replace the manual. Look at the first page of search results, point to the next page, the next page, we found that most stations are home, also is a lot of standing in the word competition. Our words that we don’t have to think. Oh, I say the word analysis is nonsense, because we all know that the word is very hot, just as an example, I tell you the specific analysis.

look at the word "energy-saving", first check index every day more than 100, for carnitine such products, 100 index every day is also very good, is worth doing. Then love Shanghai and enter the keywords begin to observe the degree of competition, the front for about 10 full, will cause some of our traffic.

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