Shanghai blue sky love the new algorithm the first major update all the error index decreased


included the continuous decline in the news source site



this is a news website, apparently included decline is very serious, I believe is the impact of blue sky algorithm. But in addition to see included reduced outside, not much decline in the rankings. It should be found to love Shanghai but the plot is not estimated is "left behind were observed".

since November last month launched the blue sky love Shanghai algorithm has been for a long time, love Shanghai Lantian method mainly for sale, soft news source site directory behavior. Facing so many grassroots AdSense and enterprise owners of the injury should be not so strong, but also love Shanghai Lantian algorithm Skynet algorithm, a large bucket algorithm after rectification, not many sources of news websites there are more or less affected.

is known as "the history of the most stringent blue algorithm — not one, as long as one is found, immediately punished. Spider is the identification of the sale of soft directory, will greatly reduce crawl! And also opened a channel to report, there is simply no way to escape. But if you have too much will affect the existing user search experience, so for the timely rectification of the website, you can re apply for the news source > throw


if the website is just adjust the news source site, the latter may be a little trouble:

news website has affected many of the basic no matter from small to large, as the industry leading A5 network seems inevitably suffer, as A5’s loyal readers this is heartache.

A5 news sites included was also affected

index rose

why love Shanghai Lantian algorithm, the first major update index error phenomenon?


display The


read the data under the few websites:

index decreased the error of

you know the love Shanghai algorithm is more and more intelligent, already from the original small update once a month for three months, a big update. For every day a small update, the weekly big update. From the figure it is obvious that 29 day data is a little drop, after second days to recover. This should be the love of Shanghai greatly for the audit, no such problems, for reincluding. If it is a site you can explain so many problems, but few from small series on the stand and communicate with peers that basic many owners also have a similar situation. So this is why love Shanghai update the reason for error index decline.

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