The title of the website optimization of how to choose keywords

, a company name as the title of

, we put forward the several points:

when there are more than two keywords, we will put it apart with symbols, so to tell the search engines which group is a word, but with what symbol to separate the best? Many websites or a lot of people in the setting of the title are using commas, some use a comma and also the vertical line (such as |), but.


page title do 1-3 main keyword format can be written as: keyword1_keyword2_ advertisement this title is a combination of keyword advertisement, and name, positive effect on the optimization.

Following Between not too long

of course, this is not absolute, unless your company is very famous, like Shanghai, like Sina, you can name in the front with the company, otherwise please add at the back or simply do not add. A new website, we do optimization are considered to be the keyword optimization, so in general the title set to your keyword to our website as an example: "Chengdu website construction _ Chengdu web design _ Chengdu website development _ Chengdu website promotion _ cool creative design studio" is do you think the most important words in a row, the best with the company name or not. Because the name of the company in general as long as in the description of the site or the content inside, when we search the basic will be in the front row.

two, Title

in the Internet today, a period of rapid development, do website optimization can be said to be able to bring high returns, because many companies are now aware of the problem, have to find some site construction company to do the optimization, or is the company to hire their own staff to do, but for now, there is not a website optimization for example, you want to say, how to optimize and improve if the keyword ranking, many people may view perhaps are not the same. As Chengdu website studio, in recent days received a lot of websites, including more than 80% customers are required to do together with website optimization. Of course, a lot of people do optimization follows the methods are many, we focus on the site title set today.

is generally less than 25 words! If we exceed the standard site, just when the original set did not consider too much, in order to optimize not affected by no change. The other is that you can put your advertisement, website name, keyword com! Good design for Title station optimization and the user experience is very important!

four and the title of the key words separated by underscores

three, title keyword can not be too much

on a website, the website title tag set or may will directly affect your site’s ranking, do not know the title of the set, even if your website optimization is again good also of no avail.

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