Website optimization question three why not false original article was included

of Shanghai Longfeng optimization Q & a lot, we speak in front of the "new" and "why not be included website snapshot not update" why, today, I want to say about the pseudo original topic, pseudo original is to update the website at the most love the way, but some of the pseudo original search the engine is a love, while others don’t, why the difference is so big? When watching the news we every day, should be an original news search engine as like as two peas, why will be included so much, some just change the title itself is just exactly the same content, but still be collected, and ranking well, what is the reason? The author summarizes the reason of the following pseudo original content not included.

1, reduce the content of the similarity of 3, improve the site weight

2, increase the page residence time. For this many webmaster may not know how to improve, I suggest that you in the page content, the content of the paragraph is divided again, is a best not more than five, so that is conducive to the user to read and to improve page retention time is very useful, do not believe you can try.

then in view of these pseudo original are not included, how to solve it? I own five years of experience in optimization solution:

4, the content of high similarity. Since the original is false, then that had this kind of article on the network, but not in the minority, the reason is naturally not included because the search engine has to know this article, so you will not be included.

2, the website weight is low. If you admire some of the large change of the title pseudo original are included and have good rankings, the most important is that he has high weight, a weight high website or even false original acquisition will get good rankings, the reason is because of his high weight, the search engine for early to put a lot of trust. Not to be included in the cause of you is because the weight is too low.

. Let’s check the similarity with the tools of their modified page content and network on the same content, the author recommended the use of similarity query tool, as long as the similarity is reduced to less than 50%, then the search engine will find the original, will naturally be included.

3, readability is not high. Many webmaster can not know how to analyze the readability, the author give a small coup, that is through the statistical tools to query page stay longer readable description of the user, whereas it is not readable. The search engine will be according to the judge, especially with love Shanghai site statistics.

1, pseudo original traces too obvious. The general pseudo original is to head to tail or paragraph upside down, as long as people have seen similar all know the contents of the article, the natural user for a time is very short, and the search engine will be judged as spam.

. General weight high website even if false original will be included, as for >

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