Keywords virtual son rain website strategy conversion is the kingly way

Hello, I am virtual son rain. For the website optimization, and there have been no less than ten, for the optimization of the site really is more or less have experience, experience is not the secret hidden in the heart, experience is to share out. The only website keyword optimization sometimes we can’t really simple ranking to illustrate the problem, these are not important, because sometimes keyword ranking is good, do not necessarily have high traffic, the traffic does not necessarily earn much money, so customers do not earn money will be less satisfied, not satisfied with it keywords you this optimization if you fail. For me this is a logical definition I optimized website success. I will formulate a strategy for web site keywords through a detailed introduction, mainly from the conversion of keywords to introduce how to optimize the site keywords.

what is the position yourself? Virtual point that is sure we want to give a core theme of their own, and for a website. In fact, in general a company chooses to do a website, the core theme of it is very clear, for example, our company is selling toys, so sure of our core and related toys. But it is not a toy Related words and we have to do? Not necessarily, here to talk about the real thing. We say that the location is the fact that the site identified several main keywords optimization, or toys, many bosses do when the site is not understand, the beginning will catch big corruption, what words are to set the key words, such as a boss just do toys wholesale, positioning "" we will have to wholesale toys, toy manufacturers wholesale "," toy wholesale price "and other relevant keywords and toys wholesale, you a toy manufacturer if you do retail, it is not impossible, but will be very tired. Because if we locate the keywords this toy retail, users may be big, but the time cost could be much greater, the conversion rate will be much lower, this is for a choice not a cost-effective single.

The first ! Keywords

here I tell you I sniff the rose blog example of this blog has been positioning is not accurate, the conversion rate has been very low, and has experienced a total of three times to be some clear positioning.

1, to look at the company established

before the earliest to open such a blog to let the blog get a good ranking in our local Shanghai dragon, I am Hubei Xiaogan, so all the positioning of Xiaogan, such as Xiaogan Shanghai dragon, Xiaogan website.


2, with personal blog as an example to analyze the importance of positioning


a company first want to develop in the network, not only to pay attention for part of the market share of large flow, also need to flow in this talent shows itself in the market, then how to do this? Here you need to do in front of me, your location.

When the

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