Shanghai Longfeng novice operation enterprise website revision process

company’s other business colleagues, you can ask the company to customers, hot selling products, customer location, customers engaged in specific industries, some reference and collect their views on the website as your web site

space program selection

1, the old station information recording.

main record website home page faults, plate layout style is reasonable, function blocks are complete! [such as many of the old station is not a chain, it is said that the original product website, to friends of the chain plate is the need to pay more!!!] the basic function and the website how poor

, two,

good! !

, a website

!You can ask the !

1, if considering the special enterprise station program that you consider PHP yiqicms or oecms ASP, the free CMS

3, the latest product information.


company engaged in the industry’s latest developments, the latest text information, pictures of the products related to this information! Are you sure your keywords and the next station update product; related to the product classification of the overall

3, the program has a lot of dreams, phpcms, Empire, and so on can stop doing business, mark is a little, you most convenient procedures, familiar with your own program or you find what is the most convenient one can help.

I am Fox. Well, recently busy to the enterprise website and write a summary of a feeling!!! The first enterprise station program is revised, is nothing more than a few years ago finished website ASP old program. The program does not open source, the program structure itself is not included, plus before the enterprise stand love play cool features, full of home or home is a big picture, animation, text editing is very rough! Then after a long time of baptism, now suck, can not meet the function. The big knife – revision so choose site! So what is enterprise website needs to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon er? Fox brother is this! This is a summary of the new Shanghai dragon to

!2, analysis of the old web site !

records are now included in the site, outside the chain, Pr, weight! These are Shanghai dragon Er after the revision, the original data comparison website changed! Anyway, this is for your boss to see

Of course,

2, if you consider to do blog program, is nothing more than 2, wordpeess PHP, ASP zblog’s blog program, the need to consider is that WP have space, if you choose the WP program recommended to choose space slightly larger, ASP zblog is very good, but to win! Love blog program to do with enterprise station, there is a blog included and weight are pretty good!

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