Pomegranate love Shanghai to seize the algorithm improve the website user experience is essential

4. does not use a large area of advertising placed cover "the main content, this will seriously affect the user experience, which belongs to the category of algorithm against pomegranate.

5. main content, forming a web content and advertising have the order reversed error.

The 7 aspects above By means of 6.

love Shanghai launched "the pomegranate algorithm – low quality page terminator" article, intended to maintain the user experience real measures. In today’s information age, as a user of the Internet, online viewing and browsing information has become the most Internet users lifestyle. However, when the user opens the computer on the Internet, often encountered on the web advertising everywhere, and even part of the page will pop up a lot of low quality, the main content of the page to confuse spam and cover up "the main content of a large area of advertising. Obviously, such ads had a serious impact on the user experience.

3. owners do not pick ups, pop-up windows ads is affecting web browsing experience, which is also the object of pomegranate attack algorithm.

cheat users placing ads and pop-up ads close button is not set, which are contrary to the user experience, the webmaster should avoid.

Don’t let the advertising page confuse

7. if now there is contrary to pomegranate algorithm website, should be promptly improved, avoid the site is down right.

1. website first to ensure high quality content. Only high quality website is to attract users and advertising investors the best magic.


in fact, the webmaster should realize: website operators, website experience, advertising investors, between these three interests are complementary. The webmaster can only from the user’s perspective to consider the long-term, reasonable placement without affecting the user experience, site operators get a reasonable return, but also won the favor of long-term users, thus forming the benign development of the website.

here from the station and the user’s point of view, from the 7 aspects of how to place ads on the site Webmaster:

now, pomegranate algorithm is punished for influence user experience of the website, improve website user experience really captures the essence of the. Admittedly, advertising is one of the sources of income of the website operation. Reasonable placement of advertising is the website operators and investors interests in high-quality advertising on the site, and is able to meet the web browsing experience. Otherwise, the loss will make the Internet users, website operators and investors are not up to the expected effect of advertising.

2. advertising business, must consider the user experience. The method of empathy webmaster, you are browsing, to browse this page


is the webmaster need to improve the place, it is the webmaster to protect their website with the user experience of the proposal, it can let the webmaster do not because of advertising in violation of the pomegranate algorithm, the site was down the right thing.

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