The boiling point of the network talk about love for new sites included the influence of sea

go to work today, find love Shanghai very awesome ah, several key yesterday are in the boiling point of the network 100, today on to more than 30 or more than 20.

changed the site title, a week later, found that the optimal keyword competition is too big, or change to another well, but they love Shanghai observation period to lengthen, but this keyword is hard to do ah, how to do it, hesitated half a day decided to change. However, because of all their original, and most of the chain in the A5, here to thank the boiling point of network A5, if not A5 this platform, the absolute boiling point of the network to take a lot of detours.

love Shanghai seems to be all the new sites or, as long as you try to do, do regular, website ranking is definitely not a problem. How does that change in an evening so big? What did the boiling network? The boiling point of the network is not what Shanghai dragon master, just want to put their own experience to share with everyone, I hope to help you.

Remember that

title changed it is necessary to increase the content of Web site and the chain. But this is the premise of no negative impact on other factors in the site do, such as server access.


can not change, is not all words in the title change, you can add some adjectives, or add some key words, remember don’t revise key words, today is your title of network marketing, tomorrow is to two completely out of tune with the words, it is difficult to achieve love Shanghai trust, it will think you one day a kind, good is not updated snapshot, bad is k off. Secondly, change the time, title to be a little associated, take the boiling point of the network as an example, originally second keywords is the network marketing consultant, then change to the network marketing plan, such a change would love, Shanghai will feel strong relevance, it is possible to ignore the changes. There is some places with such adjectives, maybe it will increase website traffic. The boiling point of the network the first change when the title is changed a lot, and then the second time is the main keywords optimization in advance, because the keyword weight is more higher.

After the

started in December 30, 2010 last year, the boiling point of the network has not updated snapshot of love Shanghai, until January 20th updated, then No. 21 has also been updated, after no update, ranking no change, until today, found that all the keywords ranking has improved, although the boiling point network keyword is not the degree of competition is too high, but just for the revised web page title, has been a lucky guy.

minimum?First, Since 30,

but the boiling point of the network also recommend, on the site before the online to determine the key ah, but there is a lot of time to modify the keyword according to the website optimization effect, how to modify the keyword

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