The enterprise website optimization problems need to guard against

other webmasters can not often audit chain website, because once the chain site appeared to be K, and your site is not ruled out in a timely manner the website chain, then it will have a negative effect on your website is serious, so for the optimization of the chain link, the webmaster must always pay attention to the website of the other side, but also analyze the other site is to adopt cheating method does not transfer the weight, so that it can effectively play the optimization effect of a chain.

for the enterprise website is concerned, to be successful, inevitably need to optimize the Shanghai dragon. Many companies believe that only need to invest considerable money to love Shanghai for advertising, also can obtain very high ranking in a very short time, but this is false Ranking Ranking, if you can not timely renew, then the ranking will be instantly dropped to the bottom, and long-term renewal that will bring a huge cost burden to the enterprise, so the enterprise website to be successful, we need through the science of Shanghai Longfeng optimization to improve site ranking, and at the same time reduce the site operating costs.

second, may not frequently modify TDK. The so-called TDK is Title, Description and Keyword three letter abbreviations, namely the title and description and keywords. Many novice webmaster in website optimization, often think of the future then keywords, to modify your TDK, then the optimization for a period of time did not find what effect, and to use another TDK to optimize, which makes enterprise website difficult to play continuously uniform weight growth, the cumulative effect of the website optimization effect the will be a sharp decline, even love Shanghai think you is cheating, so for the enterprise website, fully analysis in setting up the TDK, once can not arbitrarily change.

third, enterprise website content updates to have certain regularity. This law seems very simple, but for the enterprise website, but because it is difficult to innovation and rich, especially.

first, the site of a chain of risk aversion. This is a lot in Shanghai Longfeng optimization easily mistake, because many webmaster, especially beginners webmaster think only a chain needs both appeared on the website of website of the other side of the line. In fact, only the display URL, can not transfer the weight effectively, once the Nofollow has been set in front of the anchor text URL or web site, or use the JavaScript script for the show, the weight of the website is not able to transfer. Which of your site without any optimization effect.

but a lot of enterprise website in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, inevitably there will be a variety of problems, but also a lot of problems if not to guard in place, a huge negative impact on the future development is still very easy to the site, so the following is to focus on analysis about several issues need to avoid site in Shanghai Longfeng when optimizing.

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