Station K easily causes and Solutions

: 1. sites have their own original content. Since love not love 2. Shanghai Taobao goods flooded throughout the entire site, then we will not let love Shanghai to search. Just let it see we want her to see the content.

analysis of

2. Taobao Chinese original content, although your website called Taobao goods goods etc., can be included in the love of Shanghai, but have we ever thought of, with the guest team grow, everyone calls Taobao goods, then your website content is original? This website you imagine to be love Shanghai for

features: 1. using this website are the same as the dark Empire program, but the website added WordPress article system (visible in the picture, the screenshot is not big enough, but to see their own website), is that the site can add your own content.

love Shanghai?


case website: a new guest website I see on the website, domain name registration is only 20 days, a keyword in the fall in love with the sea has been ranked the home page, I also recommend to you, you can look at the reference (Xiang Yun, gifts network).

Solution ?

analysis of the status quo: now use the program to Amoy Amoy Empire program, this program has its advantages, it can make the establishment of the people can not build quickly a guest website, but also has its drawbacks, but the disadvantage is that caused it to be K. The reason is:

1. guest program directly call the Taobao in the commodity, in this fall in love with the sea can be considered a form of external links, you see, the entire site is commodity link (external link), so the station can accept


concluded: we can see the attached picture, included the content of all Taobao products, do not have their own content, meaning is not own rich web content, it is pie in the sky ah, very relaxed, but the results do not say, can not be K

2. is the largest this site guest program is under the two site directory, the WordPress program system is in the root directory, which is using the WordPress program calls the dark Empire, and add shielding code in the WordPress program, do not let love Shanghai to search the dark empire in the program content.



with the development of electronic commerce, the name Taobao guest and I believe we will not be unfamiliar, I am also a guest, also joined the dark Empire official exchange group, I believe we are not unfamiliar to a news: Recently, Shanghai love for Amoy website K station is very powerful, so there are people who wondered why is K station, and what is this change to Amoy love Shanghai? As a guest I to share what I learned recently

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