From the four aspects of Shanghai dragon will teach you freely

"read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles, down only a naked child in one’s life, what are not, only through the learning will be a variety of the ridge, the most simple and direct, are from the textbooks, books, learn the knowledge from books is the eternal truth, otherwise how there will be a" gold house "in the book saying, so first of all have senior and comprehensive explanation about the Shanghai dragon, can go to the bookstore to buy, can also go to the library to borrow more and e-books. Specification and detailed knowledge of books, there are many different kinds of books, in any case can not be discarded. Today, want to learn a kind of knowledge is not only to understand the book, there are universal network. The network is like a net, can you want to learn the knowledge above, learning way is varied, can open the web learning, can study the video download, can be on different websites, the forum to communicate with people, it is more important to enter some of the professional knowledge of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, or this is like the home station website etc.. Of course, the things we can’t see the network often something is true or false, need to go through the dialectical to know the authenticity, which requires careful pay.

practice, empty empty talk. Even if the theory of a set of speak, if not personally practice, then all knowledge is also a piece of paper, and did not really learn. I study in Shanghai.

a lot of things is not easy, many people do not become master of the night. Do something or learn something worth mentioning, it’s all, only the use of the method, in order to get things done, then the information is so advanced today, how are we going to let myself to one step ahead and that it requires us to stand head and shoulders above others, continue to learn, make deep. But knowledge is not a blind process, are not the primary school textbooks, rote learning on the line, of course, have a set of planning methods, especially the study of Shanghai Longfeng this knowledge.

efficient learning Shanghai dragon, in general is divided into four points.

what is the teacher? Is a good teacher, with a wealth of knowledge, and the authority of the teacher. Our teachers are very familiar with, every one of us in life on the road there are many teachers, but not every teacher we will remember. That is because each teacher’s quality is different, which brings different influence. Now to learn from Shanghai dragon, also cannot do without the teacher. Now we are doing it the master, the master’s authority is the best teacher, in Shanghai Longfeng field, mentor on behalf of the people must have a high perspicacity, in simple terms, at least every phrase a gem, he was a very academic authority in the. The authority of the master in the guidance of learning can be more effective, by analogy. Because the authority of the master is in his own through continuous efforts and learning to be recognized by the public and become a prestigious master. In the face of do not know the place, the master can give the correct answer, the wall can reduce unnecessary.

The ancients said

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