Baidu released a large number of mostly included snapshot update to November 8th

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raised in the "warm search network www.***贵族宝贝" as an example, in the early stage of website construction industry B2B e-commerce platform, many of the site’s title, keywords, description of the shilly-shally take a lot of time after the discovery of superposition, the effect is not good, then has an update, no site was two days K.

frequently replaced on the website of Shanghai Longfeng title, keywords, description of the case by the K station is already more normal, before may be the snapshot not update so quickly, now love Shanghai website to review the frequent replacement of the theme of the system is very strict, in fact, never say is changed frequently, as long as the replacement rate too big, basically a few days included all K 0 blogger I was coming from this step, until today, included snapshot update, the eyebrows just relax…

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is in the K period, taken a number of remedial measures (for example: with the chain, update the content of the text and so on) in many ways are trying, but there is still no remedy for "reckless" and mistakes in a short period of time. Baidu brother is still not for me.

can not only take the patient do basic update, maintenance and promotion work, look forward to once again to accept Baidu’s brother, Huang finally pays off, today in the evening, finally came back, the snapshot updated to November 8th, is also the normal time snapshot.

!Thank you for Wang Xiaoping 贵族宝贝 blog

most of the time we engaged in a kind of website operation and construction stage, certainly there will be a lot of hesitation, decided to go to the railway station to do a rough transition or change, and then began to slowly slowly after some familiar methods begin to modify Shanghai Longfeng information, so that many times can readily change led to the site must be after a long examination, big brother Baidu

… miserable!


, really learned, vulnerable, the site should be static and not dynamic, want to site traffic and rankings are up, or to honestly do their job. Not very important, do not modify the Shanghai Longfeng information website, vulnerable, really vulnerable


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