Analysis of the causes of false original website die never imitate his day

many sites have taken this pseudo original seems very cheap mode in the update, the use of pseudo original web site from the beginning announced his death, is the biggest drawbacks of pseudo original website does not have its own soul, with buttocks after others run, more people believe, in order to make the search engine not included, just talking, update some people cannot read elusive articles, the user experience is almost zero, on the Internet to the user experience as the core premise of the socialization of the pseudo original represent the general trend, just like a dream, unrealistic

said many people want to be in the Internet business, start copying is to lose the chance of success is half! Such as industry website, when they advertise their products, usually to competitors than how good how to do publicity, even a little detail description but these small details, full of sound and colour, innovation good? The same product, but on the packaging of the work will sell the user account? Most of the same industry site acquisition pseudo original site article content, then simply change the title, add text, between the paragraph out and is a so-called original, the head does not change, the monotony of the article senior user will view, see through, there will be similar to the general user to view the acquaintance feeling, think.


pseudo original copies even less, not to mention the development site! A until the development and progress of the site from the beginning to enter a new mode of thinking. The development of a web site from the Internet mode, strong, only a weak constant weak, difficult to live. It is difficult to love Shanghai, in the search engine market has perhaps the future firmly secured the position of boss, from the immediate search to 360 search in the challenge, to love Shanghai but now it is difficult to shake the love Shanghai location, unless, have innovation more novel beyond the present search engine, in order to have a little the odds, if it is to imitate, imitate, core content and others, so that more effort is for others to do the wedding dress, do not say beyond, survival is


pseudo original and copy what difference? But "fifty paces laughing. In fact, between the two, many websites pseudo original motivation is to cater to the search engine, also say, as early as the search engine is not intelligent enough in this way is very good, but with the rapid development of the search engine technology. This was good for pseudo original now has already been seen through search engines, more search engines let off is in the user experience, pseudo original copy more than content in fog hateful, Yunshan gorgeous title, this text did not refuse give users any useful experience, and at least keep the original copy coherence, from the Internet perspective, the search engine can make an article at the same time show in a few weight high website, achieve the purpose of communication. A web site to do good, copy can be included, and the pseudo original website started, sooner or later will be right down, until one day, it was announced that the pseudo original website the moment of death


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