An analysis of the skills of advertising network environment a

(1) participation: notice the proportion of people who browse the web advertising


, 2 research methods: eye movement research, including interviews, focus before the experiment map, screening and analysis of data;

, an experimental profile:

1, "information how the density effect of advertising attention?

(2) length: eye gaze on the page in a region of the time in seconds (s) for

(3) advertising attention = participation * length *100


: length * said participation of all participating users of the advertising average attention; the numerical integration is multiplied by 100, said 100 people pay attention to advertising in the total length of


advertising in the Internet environment, will generally consider advertising and web forms, advertising and web content and browse the crowd of these three aspects. The study is from the above three aspects of research on Web pages and page density, advertisement value, advertising position, advertising content and web content, interest groups. Due to space limitations, based on Web information density, a full page advertisement page value, advertising content & web content; & population of interest. The advertisement position of changes in the next article, please pay more attention to ~

1, the research object: to our environment accounted for most of the text pages and page list as the research object

recently, product user experience team of students conducted a series of studies on the alliance under the environment of advertising, is in a more scientific way to optimize the network advertising, we combine the results obtained on real experimental data of various strategies, hoping to give advertisers and customer service in the advertisement not only know more know why, of course, the ultimate aim is to improve the user experience of the Internet at the same time, enhance the effect of advertising, the formation of website users and a win-win situation.

note: because of the following three experiments of the page layout, page content, advertising content are not the same, so different experimental advertising under concern is not comparable, only the same advertising under comparable attention.



3, glossary:

(1) first, facing the complicated network environment, different web station layout design principles. Although we all know the proper blank page to give users a better user experience, but the message is "show the core purpose. In the face of experience and the two major demands, with the maximum amount of information and more advertising to fill the whole page in order to bring about a better advertising effect, or the appropriate blank can arouse the good user experience to enhance user browsing advertising will

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