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users to search for tourism in Yunnan, the biggest demand is to see the Yunnan tourist guide, so if we title with Yunnan tourist guide, then we are doomed to be more users click, click will we all know enough to bring the weight, so the title of Yunnan tourism travel website ranking natural good. So we have to verify whether this is true love, in search of Shanghai Yunnan tourism, there results are as follows:


above the top three websites, there are titles and descriptions without exception in Yunnan tourism strategy. And at the back of the site, basically did not appear in the title and content of these Raiders raiders. Website title and description so a good, we can promote Shanghai dragon ranking. But this effect only in the top twenty rankings for keywords to appear, the user will click through to put you in a good ranking position.

The direct demand and implicit demand, a

two, the contents of the title and text content is consistent. Many of us love some of the more content to attract users to click on the title, but the actual article is not, it is typical to deceive the user’s behavior. Such as search "truck" the following website we love Shanghai:


title and description is to summarize and introduce the content of the overall provided on our website, many Shanghai dragon always put well again after set the title site, this is actually wrong. The first step is to determine our website title and description, then the content of the web site all around it, like the students to write a composition, we must first determine the good essay topic, then discusses around the topic, so as not to stray. If the marking the teacher to see the students’ essay topic does not meet the requirements, so the teacher that the students paoti, scores given by nature is not too high. So the website title directly determines the fate of our website, must cause the attention of Shanghai dragon. So how do we grasp the essentials? In order to enhance the persuasive, we combined with the actual situation as we explained.

images we can see the love Shanghai search sprinkler top three sites, all the sprinkler price, because users have to buy the most attention is the sprinkler, sprinkler price, so these sites will sprinkler price write in their title, so they can get good rankings, and click on the site to see the content they find, they do not have a website logo sprinkler price, typically fudge users, this.

title to mining user. If we can grasp this point, and be reflected in the title, your ranking will be beyond your peers. If we love Shanghai search "Yunnan tourism", the following results appear relevant search:


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