The solution of love Shanghai eleven phenomenon

site early in order to be included, a large number of original articles, and included after, began to list reproduced website content, while others reproduced the article, regardless of quality or level of the articles are reproduced, so the search engine on the uneven in quality, your station will take some measures, the original article, you can pseudo original, but don’t take someone else’s article, there is a time to update the article, regular time, update the article do not aimlessly.

NO4: the site has made drastic changes

this content whether the new site is still the old site, on the site of title, keyword, des>

The new

with the chain should be gradual, but not short surge of violence reduction, this is also so for the old station, the benefits of individual links in the site but not very stable situation, still need to pay attention to a little.

in the short term

NO3: website reprint collection, original

a few days ago a friend in the blog message said, want to understand the site appeared in love Shanghai in eleventh, and eleven in Shanghai how to solve the phenomenon of love? Well, it should be the friend request, wrote some of his own love Shanghai eleven phenomenon view and method of operation related.

a lot of people will say to import a large number of high quality the chain is a good thing ah, why there will be eleven phenomena? This is mainly for the new station, the new station is not included in the case, the addition of proper writing quality chain is a good thing, but in the short term with a lot of the chain, which will make the search engine on your site investigation, the new weight itself is not high, but this mode of operation, will only make the site into the tangled way.

NO2: a large number of reverse link

this is more for the new site, the weight is not enough, looking for high quality of the chain in no way, then, for large-scale promotion in the forum, blog and other places, and when love Shanghai update, a multi N multi external links, the search engine will not stand, this the way, a few sites tested, there have been such a situation, they also need to pay attention to.

NO1: in the short term to import the high quality the chain of

love Shanghai algorithm in constant change, and in this process will impact on the new and old website, this effect is greater for the new station, and for the old station it? As long as the overall stability of your site, so, love Shanghai eleven phenomenon is not likely, but in this blog renamed from "webmaster laboratory" for the "electricity business circle", has also experienced eleventh love Shanghai phenomenon.

now comes if love Shanghai eleven phenomenon, so we need to understand the causes of the eleven phenomenon, so as to be an antidote against the disease:

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