Webmaster do two years ago in Shanghai dragon who need to learn

, one of Shanghai Longfeng interested people, Shanghai dragon specialist, or other needs to participate in the website of Shanghai Longfeng changes, such as product manager

then re opening article, write some more things:


One day Of course

I’m from Shanghai to Phoenix Contact Now, almost two more years, that is neither short nor long.

two years ago, Wang Tong all night reading the Shanghai dragon book, put some mixed things written in a piece of paper, for example, where the keyword density, where the best adjustment increase of ALT and so on, next time in the Witkey website will use the knowledge to write programs. A few months later, in the Shanghai dragon training, and slightly watched some Shanghai dragon line practitioners article, then the function of nofollow can be well aware of what, write a few hundred words of the theory to talk about its use in various environments, at the time that the Shanghai dragon then something.


especially in his blog, every few months will be put before the delete the light, because every time to look back on their views at the time of the Shanghai dragon, like most evaluation is.

because no experience of Shanghai dragon, they can only say something ready to accept either course in a line of work; and Shanghai dragon often >

SEMWATCH data loss, a few articles have been written before me. Although the way of love Shanghai snapshot can be restored, but they think it is not necessary, because it was a few months ago to write something.

always clear, Shanghai dragon was designed to eventually effect (flow, conversion), but can be found online, almost no about a way to do the Shanghai dragon article will clear what changes will bring what effect mentioned.

and see around a lot of Shanghai dragon, has been in every stage I have ever experienced, so think we should write to do some stage in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, and learning methods, which can be more effective learning, less unnecessary circles.

two years later, the search engine is from the perspective of the principle of remember the "search engine — principle, technology and system", the first real exposure to the scenes of search engine. Then gradually learn the procedure, data analysis and other aspects of knowledge, plus daily ranking analysis of many examples and so on, the Shanghai based dragon began to slowly up solid. Later in Shanghai Longfeng line in the large Internet Co, daily data, technology, networking contact than ever before. But still feel that there are too many Shanghai dragon can continue to explore things.

1. selectivity to see online someone else to write Shanghai Longfeng articles, such as frontline practitioners wrote. If they do not have enough sense of the quality, also can not see

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