The love of Shanghai click on the principle to promote the keywords ranking

1, title to attractive. Our website is the title of the user in the search for a keyword when first let users see the content, this is like you see someone gave you the impression the first time, may affect you later on his evaluation, which is why in interpersonal communication, the first impression is so important, it is a sensible animal. Similarly, we write the title quality directly affects whether the user will click on our website. Then we should be how to write the title of the site? Of course is to write the title of best meets the needs of users, so as to attract users to click. The watering car as an example, through the relevant search and love love Shanghai Shanghai drop-down box, we can see that the user search sprinkler, most attention is the content of the sprinkler sprinkler price, Dongfeng truck, video of the three content, so if these words appear in our title, of course, can attract more users click. The same user search Dali tourism, users are most concerned about the Dali tourism strategy, then we in the title if Dali travel Raiders, so our ranking will be better. Do not believe the words we see below:

Click on the principle of

we must first understand the principle with click algorithm conditions. Of course, love Shanghai click principle algorithm can not be directly announced to us, is many webmaster through the website of a lot of data and to summarize, the last results are: click on the principle applies only to the keyword ranked in the top twenty websites. If our keywords even before 20 are not entered, it is not with the principle of click algorithm, because this is a very simple, generally most users browse to the page second won’t flip down, so in the top twenty is a prerequisite for the click algorithm. If our site has entered the top twenty, we should be how to use the principle on

from the above chart shows, Dali tourism Raiders appeared in the title, is more conducive to our Dali tourism with the keywords ranking, but also in the search site of Dali tourism ranked in the top ten, there are 9 in the title of a hand, so we need to study the needs of users.

love Shanghai is an algorithm in early 2012 after the launch of the update algorithm, because the love of Shanghai through the study found that things on a hot concern of users will change over time, so click on the principle to be most concerned about the user ranking page in a better position to launch this algorithm, is very consistent with the user experience, but click principle applies only to love Shanghai, so today we will focus on how to love Shanghai Click to improve the keywords ranking principle.

2, describe the rational use of ?


. Is the description of the Site Title Explanation and development, through the 75 words we can express the content of the site summary, I highlight the differences in our website, so as to attract users to click. We differ from others, you >

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