You know this is the relationship between the site and search engine


! There are hundreds of millions of web pages in the Internet search engine

and the search engine site is a mutually beneficial

The relationship between

this is a very simple truth, you help me to improve the search experience, to meet the user search. I help you improve your rankings get more traffic and so on, then, more users from the website to meet the search engine, search engine experience and the efficiency is high, the user is also more popular. This is a win-win, on the one hand, our website is browsing is clicked to get traffic, on the other hand, if the user can get the content of the demands on our website, it shows that the search engine is very good, recommend the content well, users will naturally put on the high adhesion.

however, since it is mutual, users share, it has its rules, you need to know who is the dominant party, formulating the rules who think wood, the key will have to see who is more dependent on who. B2B platform and enterprise customers that must.


is a mutually beneficial, there are rules of

search engine is equivalent to a large UGC platform, requires a lot of content, and each site is in the Everfount content sources, the supply of new content. We need to search engine website each one takes what he needs, this platform requires the content of the website search engine. The platform and enterprise customers like B2B, Taobao and the like taobao贵族宝贝 sellers, like video website and homemade video, like the WeChat public service platform and subscription number, together to provide information for users with playing a user sharing game.

, let the user is the essence of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore faster and more accurate, more full search results. For a search engine, search to bigger, faster and more accurate so that it can not fall behind similar products, build the core competition ability, get the user’s favorite, to seize market share.

so, the content for the search engine is the search engine needs to obtain a large number of loyal users, providing high-quality content for users to all the time, but also can meet the needs of users. These contents come from? Have to rely on various websites. Many people never do SEO like search engine, even the wooden teeth, actually I want to say is, you this is to rely on search engine business, not so, search engine is not a website of the enemy, but not the enemy, on the contrary, you have not thought about, and the search engine site is a mutual benefit?

search engine how the mutual cooperation of mutual benefit will not be accepted? Can be said to earn not lose the sale, as long as the website dedicated to the search engine service, provide a good user experience and the quality of the content, the search engine will give you good rankings, so you better his user groups to serve it, provide good content this is, in front of that shared user. And your site is larger, more user groups, the search engine will also be more reluctant to you, for you more special attention".

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