The website is punished webmaster how to recover as soon as possible

There are many custom update

two, increase the intensity of the original, in order to improve the readability of

a website ranking and included the amount of good 60% of the reason is that the site of the external links, the webmaster can see a number of good website ranking of their external links are very large, so we can have to own site outside the chain of good development of our every day to adhere to the release site the release of the chain, we can go to some of the popular good BBS post web site, here we recommend to A5, Chinaz the laggards, these large webmaster forum, if literary good webmaster can write some soft text manuscript published to the A5 submission area, as long as.

recently heard many webmaster are complaining about the love of Shanghai updated their website to be punished right down, too many owners bring a lot of confusion and annoyance, so today I came with my several years of experience in the establishment of the website is to explain in detail the webmaster to punish us the solution where the question as soon as possible to restore your weight.

Shanghai is a very important love the original web site, so we want to make your site ranking to improve and impunity, originality is essential, we must adhere to every station must have at least a few original content, but also to ensure that the original should have readability, we are aiming at site visitors browsing if the content of your site original readability is not high, so visitors can only become a one-time visit and not keep coming back, so we will strengthen the quality of the search engine also will strengthen the creation of content.

website external links

sites are related with punishment rather baffling partly in Links, such as the exchange of links and your site is cheating so love to give him punishment after the Shanghai website will jointly to exchange all his Links, so this kind of punishment gets people are impossible to guard against. Many webmaster in this problem after but can not find the reasons, so we in order to avoid the happening of this phenomenon we must insist every day to check their Adsense exchange every Links site to avoid the occurrence of this kind of trend and state of things.

three, every time

four, the increase of

are many webmaster inert including myself sometimes love lazy often a few days or a week not to update, in fact, this is very bad for the search engine, because the search engine spiders every day will come to your website to grab content, if your site is long time no new the content then spider to several times later found no new content so you can grab in a period of time will be very long and give up the spider on your site to crawl cause your website ranking drop included reducing, so we have to the webmaster to set themselves a strict update time, no matter how busy the total take half an hour or an hour to update the site every day.

, a Links frequently check

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