Learn to use the power of your visitors visitors to contribute to your site

is the most optimization work for the grass-roots webmaster daily basically, both the content and the chain need to go step by step, the bitterness I think as a webmaster can understand. However, the author thinks that the bitter one day can daughter-in-law Aocheng woman, once our site development to a certain size, a certain flow, we will be able to visitors to our site optimization of building blocks, we can play for the owners of visitors strength, help us to optimize the work of Shanghai dragon do better. So how to let visitors to contribute to our site optimization? The author will share some of their big.

chain for the emperor’s visitors to contribute to the chain.

: content is king’s visitors to add content.

The second step:

with the visitor’s strength, let the visitors to participate fully in the construction site, the only master of a person capable of things now want more visitors to participate, everyone firewood high flame, thus the power amplifier, so the effect is more obvious, so as to enhance the site of the Shanghai dragon effect. As a webmaster we all know the original content for the importance of the website of Shanghai dragon. For example, we can see many webmaster forum portal will often encourage visitors to contribute actively through policy incentives, combined with the theme and the location of the web site, allowing visitors to publish their works, how can help improve site visitors viscosity, active sites, but also allow users to contribute in the site of the Shanghai dragon.

in some information technology site we can also see this pattern, like the Admin5 article submission mode, let visitors in the journal both can share their experiences can also get a high quality of the chain optimization, let your visitors would invisibly help site. This model allows the original content site can Everfount supply, but also can let the webmaster in Shanghai dragon on the optimization of energy can be turned into management, can greatly reduce the burden of work.

Apart from the original content of

on the site, we know that the chain site is extremely important. In this part of the construction of the chain in the past, a lot of grassroots webmaster is own Qingliqingwei, every day in the constant search for the construction of the chain platform can do, then by all means to release the chain, the construction of the construction of the chain of hard as content. However, now after a certain number of visitors, visitors should make full use of the power station chain work more powerful.

The first step of

during the operation of the site. We need to encourage our visitors, allowing visitors to actively share interesting content to friends, especially for our visitors can be outside the chain to the blog, Q & a platform, so that one can bring more traffic on the other hand, the chain platform can also bring some high weight. As the author of the site, the author himself tried several times in Shanghai love to know.

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