How to do well in the station optimization marketing website

1, check and remove dead links, for spiders, improve the user experience.

3, 404 page check, check whether the site is making 404 page

Two, Add Why do

, a routine marketing website

4, robots.txt file, for shielding some unnecessary content search engines, such as the background, the login page etc..

optimization can be said to have a simple understanding, almost all of these do today, tomorrow to do what, no plan, so as to achieve the effect? In the station optimization, to solve, if the thought of a solution to a little effect on the website optimization will not, such as on-line modification, search engines have begun to crawl the site information, already have a bad impression of the website, the adjustment in the later stage, search engine needs some time to adjust. Change the data in the database, which affect the optimization effect of marketing type website, so the operation should have plan for the marketing type website in the website optimization on the front line, to optimize the content to be aware of.

marketing type website optimization mainly includes the following 7 aspects.

Many business owners of

marketing type website, its purpose is to get more traffic from the Internet, get more turnover rate, more simply, is to improve the keywords ranking, improve the user experience. In fact, the marketing website allows customers to submit the final root in the station, enrich the content of play a decisive role, so the website optimization, do internal optimization have a significant impact on the network marketing. But many enterprises do not have professional knowledge optimization, often do not know how to optimize, do not know how to fill. Xuzhou website optimization Xiaobian to share today, how to optimize the internal marketing website, hope to make more friends have a comprehensive understanding of the station optimization, the marketing effect is bigger, well.

2, 301 set, will not bring www domain name to jump to the WWW domain name, is conducive to weight, is of great help to the rankings.

site, not on the line before, to conduct routine checks on the site, to prevent the impact on the normal crawling spider.

marketing type website structure optimization

5, traffic statistics: add traffic statistics analysis is easy to view the site visits, consultation.

through the website structure optimization, can correctly express the basic content of the website, the content of this hierarchy, to stand in the user’s point of view, allowing the user to browse the site for information. Simply speaking, can arrive at every level, level two column page column page from the home page, finally reached the content page or product details page, and each page can return to the previous page or home page, like cobwebs are linked, so can let the spider down every page.

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