How to use QQ group to ask for drainage

as the Shanghai dragon who, by this way, can the site drainage, slowly catch the user and to convert the users into loyal users, plus your website has produced a lot of topics interested in content, so you can put off from the QQ group to ask the way to maximize drainage.

QQ group topic and post tutorial




function are not familiar with, less aware of this function. However, we are not unfamiliar to the QQ group, a lot of people do not have a QQ group, many words there should be hundreds of. How to carry out drainage or marketing for the QQ group, before Xiao Bian wrote a post specifically describes how to use QQ group how to do marketing. Today I was not too much to say QQ marketing skills. The key that we look at how to ask questions and topics through the QQ group released today to drainage.

now ask questions and post group only open function, this function is very similar to that before the search function, can express their interest in the topic to increase interaction, this topic can easily attract the participation of group members. If a group with 2000 members, the main group or group management in the group published a post to ask questions and can attract hundreds of members to discuss where. The more people participate in the discussion, group members for the topic of concern will be higher. In contrast, it is easy to use QQ group ask for drainage.

3, we ask the group into the interface, click on the upper right corner.

Ask how to generate

is easy to see that attracted five of the topics of interest. As long as the above can be fully utilized, can bring a lot of traffic to the site. If you do a Shanghai dragon blog, as long as a little guidance, you can bring to the site of dozens of traffic.

: a topic of interest to


4, in the pop-up interface, you can publish and post questions.

2, enter the group interface, we click on the chat window on the right side of the group in the application of "more options".


We must ask the group for the

1, QQ entered the main panel, we choose to enter a QQ group, it is best to do their own group, this group ask function will be greater.

if you’re in a webmaster, you can publish an interactive topic "how to optimize the site, ask", for the novice to learn a lot of knowledge on site optimization, the people involved will be the topic of this interest, and a willingness to discuss in the above. This is a small topic published just in a group inside. As shown in figure

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