Love Shanghai search engine exhaust is unstable or behind the new adjustment algorithm

so, in the love of Shanghai large areas of ventilation, a large number of netizens sigh love Shanghai search engine unstable situation, many users also think this is perhaps the love in Shanghai make a new challenge to the search algorithm. But in the past, the Internet search engine as the national level is the essential tool, flow entrance, and the upgrading of products and put the algorithm debugging in the middle of the night, love the sea under the unstable connivance in the adjustment of the algorithm, is likely to be human error.


Beijing time in June 3, 2014 15.40 after a network user feedback: nouveau riche love Shanghai search engine start and stable ventilation, to provide search services for users, and provide incomplete information for users to search. (still can appear as part of the Shanghai encyclopedia, love love Shanghai, love Shanghai news download love Shanghai open platform)

nouveau riche net, original link: 贵族宝贝tuhaonet贵族宝贝/baidu/news/6765.html

recently, love Shanghai algorithm adjustments news frequently appear in the circle, and 360 in the mobile search, Sogou, what rivals such as strong, full Chinese first search engines love Shanghai’s market position was adjusted, and the search engine algorithm has made many improvements, but little effect or is not obvious.

This paper first

360 index line in the dragon boat, 360 search function is increasingly perfect, there are users that this network nouveau riche or will be the prelude to the 360 to make a greater challenge to the love for Shanghai in the search field. What makes the original search appear in the field of mobile search confident love Shanghai, also felt the crisis, 360 had a strong attack in the field of mobile browser resources can still have a strong influence.

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